Firestarter APK Download v4.0 (AppStarter) for Android, Kodi, Amazon TV

Download Firestarter APK

Firestarter APK Info:

App Version: 4.0
File Size: 1.4 MB
Requires Android: 4.0 +
Last Updated: 8 August 2017

Firestarter APK

Introduction of the FireStarter APK

Firestarter is the Application which is the Best Home Replacement App used to enable people to launch Android Apps on the Amazon Fire TV. It is similar like the Launcher of the Android Smartphone as well as it works for supporting the new Applications.

There is an Advantage of this Application is that it is used to enable every people to install easily with SMPC and the Kodi. There is an issue of FireStarter T.V. which do not offer the default Amazon Launcher as well as people requiring for installing it.

How to Install FireStarted APK on Android Device?

Step 1: Download the FireStarter APK from below

Download firestarter apk

Step 2: Click on the downloaded APK file

Firestarter APK Install 1

Step 3: Click Install

Firestarter APK Install 2

















Step 4: Click Open

Firestarter APK Install 3

















Step 5: Congrats you have successfully installed FireStarter APK on Android Device. Enjoy!!!

Firestarter APK Install 4

Installing Firestarter APK on KODI in the Amazon FireTV without PC Utilization.

1. Enable Install from Unknown Sources on AFTV

Before you install FireStarter or FireStopper on Fire TV without ADB fire, you will have to enable installing apps from unknown sources on your Fire TV. To do this, from home screen go to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and turn on “Unknown Sources” as shown in the picture below.


“ADB Debugging” should also be “ON” for Fire Starter to function properly.

2. Install ES File Explorer on Fire TV or Stick

To install FireStarter without adbFire, you will have to install an app called ES File Explorer on your Fire TV or Stick. ES File Explorer is in our list of 10 best Apps for Fire TV. There are a couple of ways of installing ES File Explorer on AFTV. You can login to your Amazon account, open ES File Explorer on Amazon App Store, and deliver it to your Fire TV device as shown in the picture below.

Install ES File Explorer on Amazon Fire TV

There is an easier way to install ES File Explorer, without an external computer or a device. Use the voice search feature on the Fire TV remote and search for ES File Explorer. The results should appear as shown below.

Search ES File Explorer on Fire TV

Select and install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV.

3. Download FireStarter on Fire TV or Stick

Now you are ready to install FireStarter on Fire TV without ADB. Next step is to add FireStarter / FireStopper download source to ES File Explorer. Open ES File Explorer and click through the first-time tutorial. Click on “Favorite” and then “+ Add” as shown below. For “Path” provide for “Name” provide anything you can recognize (eg. htpcBeginner AFTV Links). Finally, click “Add”.

Add FireStarter Download Location on Fire TV & Stick

On Fire OS, download FireStopper instead of FireStarter.

The newly added favourite location should appear on your left menu as shown below. Click on it and our Links to AFTV Apps should on the right side (scroll down to find the download links in a table). Having a good wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo can make this step easy. If not use the remote direction keys and navigate to and click. First, try downloading the APK file from any of the available mirrors. If the download does not work or does not start for a long time, click on “htpcBeginner AFTV Links” link on the left menu again, and try downloading the ZIP file from any of the available mirrors.

Download FireStarter on Fire TV Stick

This will download FireStarter / FireStopper on Fire TV (you may have to wait a few seconds for download progress window to pop up).

Open FireStarter APK or ZIP File on AFTV

Once FireStopper or FireStarter APK download is complete click “Open File” in the window that pops up (as shown in the picture above) to install FireStarter without the adbFire app. If you downloaded the ZIP file, then open it with “ES Zip Viewer” when asked and then navigate and click file APK.

4. Install Firestarter APK without Computer or adbFire

In the next window after opening the downloaded FireStarter APK or ZIP (click to open zip file to find APK), click on “Install”. The Android App Installer should open up, as shown below, providing the privacy and device access details of the FireStarter App and prompting you to confirm FireStarter installation. Click “Install” once more to continue with FireStarter installation on Fire TV.

Setup FireStarter on Fire TV

Let FireStarter App setup continue. Upon successful completion, you should be given the option to open the App.

5. Launch FireStarter on Fire TV or Stick

Finally, open FireStarter to ensure it works works. If you did not click “Open” at the end of Step 4, you can launch Fire Starter from Settings -> Applications -> Manage Installed Applications.

Launch FireStarter on Fire TV

Installing FireStarter / FireStopper alternate launcher makes launching sideloaded apps and system apps easier. Now that you have installed FireStarter on Fire TV without ADB or an external PC check out our AFTV Kodi Beginners Guide for ideas on what to do next. If the original method did not work for you, I hope that this method worked to install FireStarter on Fire TV without ADB or computer. In fact, you can use the same method to install any APK file on your Fire TV with just your Fire TV and no ADB, USB, or Computer.

Features of the FireStarter APK

firestarter apk features

  1. It has the facility to detect the Clicks of the Home Button.
  2. People can be able to Start Kodi on the Double Click as well as Start the FireStarter on only one Click.
  3. People who have Installed Applications List contain ADB and Sideloaded installed Apps.
  4. It has the facility to enable the update of the mechanism automatically.
  5. It has the facility to allow every user to export as well as Import the settings.
  6. It provides the facility of the update of the mechanism automatically.
  7. People do not require for rooting the device for the Installation process.
  8. It provides every user to hide their Applications from the Drawer Application.
  9. It has the facility of the full actions of the configuration for the start-up purpose by Home Button Double Click as well as
  10. Home Button Single Click.
  11. People can be able to directly update as well as install Kodi as well as SMPC directly out of the Firestarter.

Download and Installation of FireStarter APK for FREE

First people requiring for download the FireStarter APK File from the Official Site and Install on the Windows Computer. This guide makes everyone to get knowledge about how to sideload APK Files such as Kodi onto a 1st Generation Fire Television with the 2nd Generation Fire Television or the Stick of the Fire T.V. BY using the Bridge of the Android Debugging (ADB) on the Windows PC.

People should download the APK File onto the Windows PC, that every people require to sideload to the 2nd generation Fire Television, 1st Generation Fire Television or the Stick of the Fire T.V. If FireStarter Application is in the Google Play Store, then the people can be able to try using the APK Downloader or see if it is available on the APK Mirror.

People should connect the Fire T.V. using the facility of the ADB. If the people don’t know or not have installed the ADB, then we have given every detail Info. About how to install the ADB to your device.

People have to enter the command by the installation of the ADB from the path to the Apk File and also be sure to replace the path to the Apk File with the full path to the APK File people wish to sideload. People can be able to Install after entering the ADB and also drag the APK File of the FireStarter into the Window of the Command Prompt for automatically filling the path of the File.

Now people have to wait for the Word of “Success” to appear. This can be able to take some of the Mins which depends on the File Size of the APK.

Once people have done it, they can launch the Sideloaded Application by navigating to the Settings then Application and after that to the Manage Installation Applications. If the people require the Sideloaded Application, then people have to repeat the procedure 3rd with APK File which is additional.

If the people have done the Sideloading, then you should not forget to disconnect the ADB connection by running the command: ADB disconnect for the IP Address. If the people are a MAC user and they want to try another type of methods for side loading or Installing APK on the Fire T.V. and then try using many different options provided on the Net.

Advantages of the FireStarter Application

Firestarter is one of the better and the most Explosive Launchers which comes with the detection of the real Home Button Click. It has the default feature which has the facility to start automatically.
This Firestarter Application has the facility of the update automatic of the mechanism and provides the possibility for the import or export settings. People can be able to easily hide all the Applications from the drawer of the App as well as by going to the settings.

It has the facility to enable sorting out all the apps by clicking easily, drop as well as dragging method. So Firestarter Application is used by those people who do not require for rooting their FireTV.

Firestarter APK Provides Configurable Action

It provides the fully configurable actions for the purpose of Home Button Double Click as well as Home Button Single Click Startup. People can be able to start Kodi on the Double Click and can start the Firestarter on One Click.

Firestarter Application is a great and awesome device which enables the people for watching the Television for purpose of the Watching the Favorite Videos with the Online Streaming Channels on the FireTV. People can be able to watch their Favorite and famous videos on many famous Websites by surfing the Internet.

There are many Favorite and Popular Websites like the Youtube, Hulu, Megavideo, Netflix and much more. People can also play many online games by connecting many of the people all over the World through Alexa which is a Voice finding assistant on the device.

There are lots of companies like the Amazon that requires for targeting many Applications with their names and also with this mind set, and the Application Content is monitored by Amazon itself. There are many people who want a better Channel to watch every video and play games online.

So Firestarter provides each and every people with the facility to watch many online videos, games and many other things. It is possible for every people to download and install the Firestarter to continue to watch live online streaming videos from the Popular Channels such as Youtube, Netflix and much more.